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RuiSoftware Components 2

RuiSoftware Components 2

RuiSoftware Components Publisher's Description

Product description:

   TParserAll General-purpose parser that uses a Backus Naur-Form grammar to parse anything you can think about. Ideal for data validation, data interpretation and also as a powerful find/replace tool. Works on text and binary data. It includes a powerful property editor for the grammar definition that includes test and debug modes.

   TColorSyntax Provides highlighting to any TCustomRichEdit descendant, such TRichEdit or TDBRichEdit. It works associated with TParserAll to highlight everything you can think about, using any combination of style (color, font, size, etc).

   TComboSpinEdit Visual component that allows the user to choose from a range of numeric values by clicking on special "spin buttons", or by clicking on the combo button that allows extremely fast and precise input, even for floating-point numbers. It uses fast track-bars for the integer and decimal parts of a number, which can be zoomed-in. Users can also enter the value in a text box, as with an edit control. TComboSpinEdit supports non-numeric prefixes and suffixes, such as currency symbols as well binary, octal, decimal and hexadecimal numeric systems.

   TDBComboSpinEdit Visual component especially designed for efficient data entry of floating-point and integer numbers linked to a database field. It has the same features as TComboSpinEdit with the advantage of working with databases.

   TUndo Non-visual component that links to any existing edit control (TCustomEditControl descendant) to do Undo and Redo on characters, words or even lines, among other features. Works with single and multiple line controls.

   TVisualStream Displays the contents of a text or binary data stream in a single row. For each byte, it displays the printable value and the Ascii values in decimal and hexadecimal. Supports up to 4Gb streams of data.

Delivery type: e-mail

You will get:

All the components source code, which compiles on:
•Delphi 4
•Delphi 5
•Delphi 6
•Delphi 7
•C++ Builder 4
•C++ Builder 5
•C++ Builder 6

Technical support via e-mail.

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